Arcturian Alien Symbol
The Galactic Federation (GF) is a large federation of worlds, universes and
galaxies that work in concert to ensure a better and harmonious life for all
beings.  In all of the inhabited galaxies there is a Galactic Federation, much
like smaller governments overseeing the smaller units of a larger federal body
(e.g. States, cities, and counties).  The Galactic Federation for the Milky Way
Galaxy is called the Galactic Federation of Worlds, but some of the races
represented in our GF may call it by other names, hence the difference in the
names given by the Zetas, Andromedans, and Arcturians.

Arcturians use this federation of planets to help Earth remain an untouched
planet by other alien races through diplomacy.  After their short battle in
1947, the Arcturians have been quietly pursuing sanctions against the Greys
and Reptilians for violation of the Galactic Federation codes.  Arcturians
continue protecting Earth because of the old wars that once plagued Humans
and destroyed their home planet.  
Extreme and higher tensions began to affect galactic order, and solutions were beginning to fall short and it seemed like
a new galactic war would begin, however, as fast as trouble came a newly discovered race of aliens began to play a more
active role in the galaxies ailing federation.  The Arcturian Race (aliens from the Bootes consolation) intervened and
became visible to the many races that had only heard of these mystical creatures.  Because they exist in the 5th & 6th
dimensions, they must consciously choose to make themselves visible and in doing so the majority of races realized the
powerful Arcturian race was here to create a peaceful balance between all races throughout the galaxy and Universe.  

Today the Arcturians, among other race, control the Galactic Federation of the Worlds that is said to be headquartered
on the star Sirius.  This is why that star has played such an important role on Earth.   
Galactic Federation Emblem
The Galactic Federation of the Milky Way is known to be the oldest and most
effective of all Galactic Federations found throughout the universe.  It was
established after the great galactic wars between the Reptilians, Humans,
Felines, and Carians.  The result of this battle left the first Human world
(Avyon) destroyed; therefore, all the civilizations came into agreement to
create a universal order that can prevent such destruction in the future.  
Humans continue to feel the burden of the old wars and now struggle to re-
build their once dying civilization.  

As time passed, certain races continued to struggle against galactic unrest
and stronger “galactic civilizations.” Because many were beginning to distrust
the new order, largely made up of the Reptilians, many began to wonder the
fate of our Milky Way Galaxy. Logo


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Brotherhood of the All
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Starship Athena
The all powerful Starship Athena who
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