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Edgar Cayce & Stock Market Predictions
How Accurate Was Edgar Cayce & His
Stock Market Predictions
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Edgar Cayce has been recorded as predicting many
astounding events with incredible accuracy, not the least of
these events being financial activity in the stock market.

It has been said that no living man can accurately beat the
stock market all the time.  This statement could be incorrect as
Edgar Cayce’s record shows.  
The Stock Market Crash of 1929 was perhaps the most devastating financial disaster the United
States has ever seen.  In 1925 Edgar Cayce was visited by a young doctor whom he told would soon
find himself in possession of a great amount of wealth.  However,  Mr Cayce warned this young man
of “adverse forces that will come then in 1929” and to be very careful with his money.  (2723-1)

On another occasion Edgar Cayce explains the stock market crash six months before it happened,
warning of a great disturbance in financial circles. Cayce explains, “we may expect a
CONSIDERABLE break and bear market, see? This issue being between those of the reserves of
nations and of INDIVIDUALS, and will cause—unless another of the more STABLE banking
conditions come to the relief—a great disturbance in financial circles. This warning has been given,
see?” (900-425)

Edgar Cayce is said to have given over 700 readings on business and the stock market.  However,
much of his advice is as metaphysical as it is practical.  A woman came to Cayce devastated by the
Great Depression seeking advice on how to better her financial circumstances.  Cayce reminded her
of the Biblical principle “every wild animal of the forest is mine, the cattle on a thousand hills.”  
Basically stating that all financial resources ultimately belong to God and giving is the channel to